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Welcome to the online home of Thatcher Farms! We are very glad that you found us, and we hope that you visit us again in the near future.

Let us take a minute to tell you a little about us. We are a family run farm that provides food for the community in an environmentally friendly manner. We try to operate our farm with an eye to keeping the environment healthy by trying to save our resources. We use the latest methods and procedures to protect our soil and water.

While we are concerned with saving environmental resources on our farm, we are also concerned with the impact the farm has on the surrounding area and the Earth. Over the past few years, we have taken steps to help preserve our natural resources. Some of the steps we have taken is to add solar panels so that we can use the sun to help provide electricity and heat to the farm.

We provide a wide variety of products that are used by consumers. We sell some of our goods for use at local and regional food markets. Other goods are sold directly to consumers at our farm stand and at local farmers markets. And, of course we are proud to show off some of our award-winning products at the county and state fair. Annually we have displayed some of our prized animals and some of our home-grown vegetables. We are pleased to report that the past several years we have won first place in several different categories, and we hope this trend continues.

Our family has been involved in running this farm for four generations. The original Thatcher Farms was built by my Great Great Grandfather. He ran the farm for many years until he retired and turned the running of the farm over to his son, my Great Grandfather. This tradition has continued to be passed along from my father to me and my brother. Our two families have taken the responsibility to run the farm and continue to follow the traditions of the past. Hopefully, in a few years the running of the farm will be passed along to our children to keep the tradition alive!